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Pub Crawl 2024

Form must be filled out for entry

Overalls* and closed-toed shoes must be worn for this event (no steel caps). 


ONE TICKET PER MVSA MEMBER ONLY (extra tickets will be deleted and refunded)


*If you have purchased overalls this semester and are waiting for them to arrive, please let us know if you:

-Don't have any overalls. 

-Own overalls but they aren't green and you would like to wear green ones on the night (we will try to source some green ones for you if we can, but priority will be given to people without any overalls at all -try to borrow from friends first if you are able to). 


Any overalls can be worn for pubcrawl, they do not have to be the MVSA overalls. 


Please note: we will only be trying to source overalls for people who have already ordered overalls through us this year and need a pair for pub crawl. 


If you are happy to lend a pair of overalls please provide your email address and size so that we can get you in contact with someone who needs to borrow overalls.



Pub Crawl 2024

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