Special Interest Groups

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There are currently 12 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within the Murdoch Veterinary College. Each of these SIGs is separate to the MVSA, however the MVSA oversees their funding and event coordination, with the only exception of the Largies Interest Group (LIG).

Each SIG has its own area of interest and has a full committee that is committed to providing their members with further education, workshops and networking opportunities.

Whilst the mission of each SIG differs, a common element amongst all groups is to further student knowledge regarding specific fields within the Veterinary Profession. This may be through lectures, seminars or practical learning activities, each of which provides an added networking opportunity with professionals and fellow students.

SIG events not only boast the opportunity to learn more about different fields within the profession but are also a great way to build friendships across the different year groups (people who will eventually be your colleagues), socialise and to get free food and drinks.

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Hill's Pet Nutrition

Major Sponsor of the SIGs

Avian INterest Group

AvIG's mission is to inspire veterinary and animal science students in the pursue of knowledge and growth in the field of avian health, welfare and medicine. To provide opportunities to develop their enthusiasm, skill and passion in all the avian medicine fields including companion, production and wildlife.

President: James Lennon

Membership: $1 MVSA, $5 non-MVSA

Email: murdochavig@gmail.com

Bovine INterest Group

Bovine Interest Group is a student run group that coordinate events and talks all about everyone’s favourite animal - cattle!! Throughout the year we organise a range of different events, including but not limited to low stress stock handling, Esperance calf marking, Rural Practice Weekend and Southwest trip. All of these are great to build experience and comfort working with cattle for beginners and are a great way to make contacts for those that are more experienced. We also run a range of talks throughout the year with free drinks and food!

President: Emma Kuszewski

Membership: $5 MVSA, $10 non-MVSA

Email: murdochbig@gmail.com

Canine INterest Group

The Murdoch University Canine Interest Group is a student organisation run for the colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. It was established to expose students to opportunities in canine medicine that complement and go beyond university teachings. The activities and events are voluntary and therefore aim to attract and engage enthusiastic students who strive to maximize their learning opportunities throughout their studies.

President: Kareena Tirodkar

Membership: $2 MVSA, $5 non-MVSA

Email: canineinterestgroup@gmail.com

Climate Action Special Interest Group

The Climate Action Special Interest Group is a special interest group with the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences presenting and extending opportunities to students and faculty promoting growth, understanding, and community in the context of creating a sustainable future by acknowledging climate change and taking action.

President: Tony Smith

Membership: Free

Email: casig.murdochuni@gmail.com

EIG Logo.png
Equine INterest Group

Murdoch Equine Interest Group aims to organise events, talks and workshops for Murdoch University students that have a special interest in horses, or for those who wish to extend their knowledge in the area. Advancing practical skills and developing connections is a great way for students to gain insight into equine practice and learn all the ins and outs of the horse world, outside of the classroom setting.

President: Christopher Beggs

Membership: $2 MVSA, $5 non-MVSA

Email: equineinterestgroup@hotmail.com

Feline INterest Group

Unapologetically cat crazy, FIG aims to bring like-minded individuals together, providing opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and clinical skills. We run some paw-some events (e.g. Trivia Night and Big Cats) and are also devoted supporters of Cat Haven and WA Pet Project.

President: Madison Selleck

Membership: $3 regular/$5 premium MVSA, $5 regular/$7 premium non-MVSA

Email: felineinterestgroup@gmail.com

Murdoch Association For Companion Exotics

Whether they crawl, slither or hop, join us at MACE to gain hands on experience and learn the ropes of companion exotics medicine! Novice owner or an exotics 'veteran', we hope to bring students together and get involved with the diversity of exotics and meet professionals within the field!

President: Iris Li

Membership: $3 MVSA, $5 non-MVSA

Email: murdochcompanionexotics@gmail.com

Murdoch Association of Veterinary SUrgery

The Murdoch Association of Veterinary Surgery (MAVS) is a student run interest group that aims to give students with a keen interest in surgery and emergency medicine, exposure to additional concepts and theory relating to veterinary surgery and current techniques as well as guidance for those looking to specialise. We strive provide students with the knowledge to improve their confidence and critical decision-making skills necessary for treating surgical disease and emergency cases through talks and workshops by surgery and emergency experts.

President: William Litchfield

Membership: $2 MVSA, $5 non-MVSA

Email: mavsurgery@gmail.com

Murdoch Travelling Veterinary Students

MTVS is a SIG designed to provide students with the opportunity to combine their love for animals and drive to further develop their veterinary skills, whilst facing a new experience both in Australia and overseas. Furthermore, we carry out fundraising activities to raise money for our partners who dedicate their time to help animals in need!

President: Jessica Stone

Membership: $2 MVSA, $5 non-MVSA

Email: murdochtvs@gmail.com

Murdoch University Wildlife Association

MUWA is a student-run organisation within the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences that aims to provide opportunities for Veterinary and Animal Science students to gain experience in and improve skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for wildlife medicine, health, conservation and rehabilitation.

President: Jenny Schilling

Membership: $2 MVSA, $5 non-MVSA

Email: murdochmuwa@gmail.com

Ovine INterest Group

Ovine Interest Group’s focus is to educate both Veterinary and Animal Science students about the Australian Sheep and Goat Industry. We aim to bring events which increase exposure, knowledge and passion for the industry, getting more students involved and confident to begin journeys within the industry upon graduation.

President: Emily Hovell

Membership: $5 MVSA/MASSA, $7 non-MVSA/MASSA

Email: ovineig@gmail.com

Porcine INterest Group

Our annual vet farm pig check-ups had an outstanding sign-up response of 76 people and members got an awesome opportunity to develop their skills in assessing the health of the pigs on the vet farm. We had many insightful talks by industry professionals sharing their perspectives and journeys as researchers, private veterinarians and government veterinarians in the pig industry.  PIG also received an amazing opportunity from one of our Sponsors, Weston Milling, to go on a guided tour of the Weston Milling Feed Mill and learn from these experts. 2020 ended on a high with our end-of-semester Pigs and Swigs event. Our members got to learn how to cook a few delicious pork dishes from Portec veterinarian Dr Kim Nairn and chill out with their mates. This year we hope to bring back some of these exciting events to you! It’s going to be an awesome year, so we hope to see you at our booth during SIG sign up day!

President: Megan Chu

Membership: $3 MVSA/MASSA, $5 non-MVSA/MASSA

Email: porcineinterestgroup@gmail.com


VetSOS strives to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of veterinary students through the promotion of mental health and stress management. We aim to create a sense of community and provide a supportive and compassionate environment amongst the Murdoch Veterinary Science Faculty to further aid the professional development and success of students pursuing careers in Veterinary Medicine.

President: Ying Yi Ho

Membership: $1

Email: vetsoscoms@gmail.com

WAVMA, Murdoch Student Chapter

From the little penguins to the magnificent turtles, World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association Murdoch Student Chapter invites students to join us to gain more knowledge and experience into aquatic medicine. We hope to give student the opportunity to meet professionals from the industry such as aquatic veterinarians, marine biologists and researchers to get a glimpse beneath the waves as well as practical experiences!

President: Spencer Tan

Membership: MVSA: $3, non-MVSA: $5

Email: wavma.murdoch@gmail.com